About Pippix - A Hybrid Dating App and Image Snap App.

Get ready to meet a curious hybrid; a one-of-a-kind app that will transform the way you connect, date, share and hook-up.

Pippix is a true one-of-a-kind; a unique hybrid app, that blends aspects of photo sharing, social media, dating and more.

Pippix was the brain child of David Hirschfield, a California entrepreneur, who has joined forces with a longtime web developer and marketing expert, and a number of seasoned entrepreneurs who already have multiple successful app-based startups to their credit.

In short, Pippix has established a dream team! And we’ve already overcome the biggest hurdle that app startups face: We’ve already funded the development of our core app, thanks to our generous investors! So we’re already on the path to success. We expect that the beta version of our app will be finalized at some point in April 2017.


The Concept: What’s in a Name?

We chose the name “Pippix” for its unique and highly memorable feel, and its meaning. By understanding our name, we feel you’ll have a better understanding of what Pippix is all about.

The name “Pippix” is comprised of two parts:


• “Pip” – A “pip” refers to the very first hole that a baby bird makes when hatching from its egg. From that small crack, the chick gets its first glimpse of a new, very complex world. We felt this was very appropriate for our app because that’s really what this type of app is all about: getting a glimpse of something (or someone) who is new, exciting and unique. A “pip” is also a term for someone who is attractive, which we felt was very suitable, since this app model lends itself to meeting new people whom you’d like to meet, hook-up with or date.

• “Pix” – The term “pix” refers to the obvious: images and photos. Photo sharing will be a primary component of our app.


In all, Pippix will be place where you can connect with others in a unique way, whether you’re looking to meet new people, hook-up, connect or find a date.

We feel that we captured these themes in our logo. We sought a logo design that would capture the intrigue that you feel when you first see an attractive, alluring individual (a “pip,” if you will).

And plus, we thought it would be fun to keep you guessing on precisely what’s inside the egg!

We envision Pippix as more than “just a dating app” or “just a photo sharing app” or “just a hookup app.” It will be all of these things and so much more. It will be a true one-of-a-kind, with tremendous potential for use across many industries and sectors, from escorts and cam girls, to individuals who are simply looking to meet and connect with someone new and interesting! The potential is truly limitless.


Our Crowdfunding Campaign

Pippix is committed to maintaining a user-friendly, ad-free app interface. So we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help our app reach the next level!

We will also be offering free app installs, but that means we need your support to succeed!

We have already overcome a major hurdle by successfully funding the basic development of our app’s “core” features, but we are still in need of funds and support to ensure that Pippix evolves into the incredible app we know it can be!

Funds raised from our campaign will be used to fund a number of different areas of this startup venture, including:


• Funding the purchase of swag and other marketing merchandise;

• Funding additional improvements or expansions to our one-of-a-kind app; and

• Covering the costs of marketing and advertising to help grow the Pippix community of users.


If you’re interested in investing a more sizable sum in our venture, we invite you to contact us to discuss this opportunity. We’re also available for media enquiries.

Learn more about Pippix and join our mailing list! Also, follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!

Pippix - A Hybrid Dating App and Image Snap App.

Pippix - A Hybrid Dating App and Image Snap App.